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 Modern Warfare 2 Achievements Part II

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PostSubject: Modern Warfare 2 Achievements Part II   Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:11 pm

Δεύτερο μέρος του οδηγού για να ολοκληρώσετε τα Achivements του παιχνιδιού. Και πάλι ο οδηγός είναι στα αγγλικά και απατειται γνώση αγγλικών για να καταλάβαιτε, αλλά γίνονται προσπάθειες για μετάφραση.

Act I: Cliffhanger

4. Directly in front of you when Soap tells you to go ahead alone is a guard tower. Go up the ladder to find the Intel on the catwalk.

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5. When you are about to enter the building with Soap, go to the previous building in the alley where the Jet is inside the hanger. Break out the window to find the Intel inside.

6. During the snowmobile sequence, when you are approximately 1850m from the finish, stop. Look for a small wooden fence surrounding some trees in the middle of the path in front of you, and a small wooden building up a hill to the right. The Intel is on the ground inside the fenced area with trees. Just run over the Intel to pick it up.

Act I: Takedown

7. Using the map, go towards the south-west corner when you enter the favela. You should find a motorcycle leaning against a building. In front of it, there is a building with an angled wall and a large window in the wall. Go through the door to the right of that window to find the Intel inside.

8. When you go through the alley and see the building with the ladder on the wall, go up it and through the door. The Intel is on a table inside.

9. Directly across from the previous Intel is a building with a small set of wooden stairs. There are a few guys inside you have to kill. The Intel is inside the building on a nightstand next to the bed.

10. Towards the end of the chase, off an alley, go in the building on the right side of the path. Go downstairs to find the Intel between two beds.

Act II: Wolverines!

11. The Intel is on the counter in the gas station after you go through the alley.

12. The Intel is inside CRB Financial (across from Nate's Restaurant), near the front door, under a sign labeled "Online Banking".

13. The Intel is on a table inside Taco To Go. Enter the building through the blown up corner.

14. The Intel is inside a dumpster (in a small brick enclosure) on the east side of Burger Town. It is visible from the Burger Town roof ladder.

Act II: The Hornet's Nest

15. Near the beginning, after you move forward from the first building, go inside the house to the right of where Soap stops in the road (there is a blue car in the garage). Go past the blue car and into the kitchen to find the Intel on the table.

16. After clearing the small lot (has a bunch of appliances and cars), instead of going right up the stairs between buildings, go left around the three-story house (floors are colored red, yellow, red), and look in the little hut attached to its side to find the Intel on some barrels.

17. As you move up the sloped street, there is a blue car on the right side of the street. In the building on that side is the Intel up on the second floor on the table.

18. When you enter the last open lot and are supposed to go up on the roof, turn to the right, and look in the window behind the goal fence to find the Intel inside a window.

Act II: Exodus

19. In the apartment office, near where the enemies are first repelling in from a chopper. It has red walls and blue curtains inside. The Intel is on the desk.

20. In the right-side building of the structure that forms an arch over the road (has toll booths), on a desk directly to the right as you enter.

21. After you cross the bridge, go into the second house on the right side of the street. Enter from the front door, then go to your right and up the stairs. The Intel is on a yellow couch above those stairs.

Act II: The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday

22. In the room before you go back outside (shortly after breaching), the Intel is on one of the metal racks against the wall.

23. After executing "Plan B", in the room Soap goes into on the right, the Intel is on a metal rack inside the door.

24. After clearing outside, when the team starts going up the stairs, enter the room to the right (you were probably in this building before when you were told to take cover), and look under the stairs on some wooden palettes to find the Intel.

Act II: The Gulag

25. As your team moves towards the arch with the red light, go to the stone stairs before it, and look inside the room on the far wall to find the Intel on some filing cabinets.

26. The Intel is on a desk behind the large wall of monitors you encounter on your way through.

27. After you get the riot shield and leave the room where you got it, turn left, and go down the hallway. In the first open cell on the right-side wall is the Intel on a desk.

28. Once you find the person you have been looking for, turn to your left to find the Intel on the desk.

Act II: Of Their Own Accord

29. Inside the elevator that keeps trying to close (in the hallway after you enter the building), the Intel is to the right of the body sitting inside.

30. In the room with a balcony (out on the balcony is a missile launcher), go to your left as you enter the room, and enter the door straight ahead (near the portrait of Franklin Pierce) to find the Intel on a table down a small hallway.

Act III: Contingency

31. When you reach the three-man patrol standing near the fence, kill them, and go over to where they were. The Intel is about ten feet south on a crate.

32. The building labeled "33" along the angled south-west fence contains the Intel on a metal desk inside the northern door.

33. Just north of building "33", locate the stairs leading to a helipad (has blue lights on the corners) to find the Intel in the north-west corner.

Act III: Whiskey Hotel

34. When you are told to go left to the building, inside that building after the next door has been opened, the Intel is in the hallway on a couch to the left.

35. After you go up the first stairs towards the roof, the Intel is to your right on a desk. This should be about the time when the you see the flares get lit.

Act III: Loose Ends

36. Before entering the house, go behind it, and locate the small boat hanger along the shore. The Intel is on a crate outside of it.

37. In the locked room on the top floor of the house, the Intel is on a desk in front of the door.

38. In the nearest locked room in the basement, go into the arms room to the left. The Intel is straight across from the wall of weapons on a crate.

Act III: The Enemy of My Enemy

39. The Intel is immediately to your right when you begin the mission, in the front of the plane.

40. After you slide out of the plane hull and move across the street and up the hill, look for the plane pointing towards the road. The Intel is inside, near the cockpit.

Act III: Just Like Old Times

41. As you enter the tunnels, go left as instructed. After the patrol passes, kill the guard standing at the monitor, and go straight across to find the Intel on a crate just to the right of the cave entrance.

42. The Intel is to the left on a desk right before you go outside from the tunnels.

43. After going across the ridge, the Intel is in an alcove, on a crate.

44. The Intel is on the desk with soda cans after you breach the room, near where your ally is working on the computer.

Act III: Endgame

45. The Intel is at the beginning of the mission, before you board the vehicle.

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# Infinite claymores

Create a class with the Scavenger perk and claymores. Setup a claymore, and once it kills someone, you can scavenge his body for another. You can also scavenge when you already have one setup, then get another, and place it somewhere else. You can only carry one at a time, but you can put down as many as desired. It works best to stay in a room. Every time someone comes through it and gets killed, scavenge, set, and repeat.
# Infinite grenades

While using the One Man Army perk, equip a grenade launcher to one of your guns. After you run out of grenade, use One Man Army, select the class you were just using, and you will have two more grenades for the tube. Also, everything else will refill. Repeat this as many times as desired.
# Easy Cold-Blooded Pro perk

Create the following class:

Primary Weapon: Any light machine gun (except AUG HBAR) with extended magazine attachment (optional)
Secondary Weapon: A launcher (not the Thumper or RPG7x2) that can heavily damage a Pavelow
Equipment: Tactical insertion
Special Grenade: Any
Perk 1: Scavenger
Perk 2: Cold-Blooded
Perk 3: Any
Death Streak: Any

After creating this class, host a private match or a split-screen match with a friend. Make sure your friend has a class with Hardline, and the Pavelow as one of their Killstreak rewards. Have your friend kill you enough times until they get their Pavelow. When their Pavelow is out, use your rocket launcher to hit it. If it is not destroyed the first time, use your Scavenger perk to get more rockets. Immediately after the Pavelow starts to spin out of control, use your light machine gun to rapidly shoot at it. Each bullet that hits the spinning Pavelow will count towards the Cold-Blooded Pro perk. By doing this method, you can easily get the Cold-Blooded Pro perk within a five minute match.
# Easy Last Stand Pro perk

Create the following classes:

Class 1

Primary Weapon: Any
Secondary Weapon: None
Equipment: Tactical Insertion
Special Grenade: Any
Perk 1: One Man Army
Perk 2: Hardline Pro
Perk 3: Any
Death Streak: Final Stand

Class 2

Perk 3: Last Stand
Note: Make this class built to quickly kill your enemy.

After creating these classes, host a private match or a split-screen match with a friend that is willing to be killed multiple times. If you cannot find someone willing to do this, then use an empty player (a controlled player with no one actually controlling it). Start with Class 1. Have your friend shoot you until you are in Final Stand mode, then activate One Man Army, and switch to Class 2. After you get up, start shooting your friend. Every kill you get will count as a Last Stand kill. Every kill will also count towards One Man Army.
# Easy Juggernauts kills

Shoot a Juggernaut in the face with the Thumper to instantly kill it.
# Easy "Armor Piercing" mission in Special Ops mode

When the mission begins, grab the Barrett .50 Cal and/or Intervention. Then, keep running up the stairs until you reach the scaffolding (there is an ammo crate below the scaffolding). You may encounter a Juggernaut near the scaffolding. If so, kill it, and then climb up the scaffolding. Go prone, and just try to keep sniping the Juggernauts straight ahead with the Barrett .50 Cal or Intervention. You can also have one player hide behind the ammo crate below the scaffolding and try to lure them towards you. Alternately, have one player die on a staircase to block the path of the Juggernauts, while the other player kills them from behind it.

Read more:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

# Easy "High Explosive" mission in Special Ops mode

Note: This trick requires two players. When the mission begins, run to the left, and look down the alley. If there is a Juggernaut standing there, either try to kill him or stun him so you can both enter the building on the far left through the large window. Have one player stand in front of the doorway, and die while trying to shoot at the Juggernauts. Have the other player crouch behind the table next to the large window you entered through, and simply shoot the Juggernauts as they stand near the door. They will not be able to get past the player downed in the doorway. Make sure to revive the player after killing the Juggernauts standing near the doorway so they do not bleed out. The Juggernauts usually come in waves of 1-1-2-3-3. If you get a chance, you can refill your ammo near the area you started the mission.

Read more:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

# Easy "No Russian" mission on Veteran mode

Successfully complete the "No Russian" mission on any difficulty. Select it again from the mission menu, and choose the Veteran difficulty. After the mission begins, pause the game, select the option to skip the mission due to its content, and you will be given credit for completing it on the Veteran difficulty.
# Easy level boosting with riot shield

Get twelve people in a lobby, and explain how the level boosting is going to work. Next, kick six people out so there are only six in your party. Then, find a Search And Destroy game. Note: While trying to find the game, make sure the host (the person trying to find the game) temporarily has a bad connection so it will make you host the lobby and not pair you with someone else. Once you are in the lobby, you can invite the other six people to join. When all the spots are filled, you can make your connection good again and begin the match. Choose a class with the riot shield. It is recommended both players use the One Man Army perk if you have unlocked it. Once the match begins, find another player, and have them keep shooting you while you hold the riot shield to block the bullets. You will get +500 experience points every few seconds five times. Once you start only getting +100 experience points, switch classes and have the other player switch to a riot shield class. Do the same things to them until they only get +100 experience points, and then switch back. Repeat this as many times as desired. It is possible to get over 50,000 experience points per match if done correctly. Note: To keep the game going as long as possible, make sure one team plants the bomb and then the other team defuses it.
# Riot shield defense

While the riot shield is equipped to one of your classes, you can have defense from the back when you are holding your secondary weapon; thus, being able to switch the direction of defense with your riot shield. This is useful in narrow corridors and stairwells. -From: Destructor58
# Hidden sniper positions in "High Rise" map

Look from the center of the map at the cranes, then to the left side of the map. Go that side's back left corner. Find the broken scaffolding. Sprint from before the ledge, and jump to the left outside yellow vertical railing of the scaffolding. This is a hidden ladder. Climb up this railing/ladder to the top of the scaffolding. Walk to the right of the scaffolding along the ledge of the building. You will eventually reach another scaffolding. Climb onto this scaffolding. Walk to the top. Look towards the building, and climb onto the higher ledge. Follow that ledge going left. Keep moving forward to reach the roof. This is a very good sniper spot. It is recommended you use a Tactical Insertion because other players may discover you on your way to the top, or while you are up there, and try to kill you. There are also a lot of teddy bears on the roof.

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Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

# Invincible pipe in "Rust" map

At one end of the map is a short length pipe sticking out. If you climb in it, you cannot be killed by kill streak explosions (for example, air strikes, Predator missiles, AC-130, etc.) unless it goes directly into the pipe.
# Shepherd comments in "Endgame" mission

At the end of the final mission when you are supposed to kill Shepherd with the knife, after the helicopter crashes, stand next to him, but do not kill him. After some time, he will begin to say things such as "You know killing me won't change anything" or "You're a good warrior", trying to persuade you not to kill him. When you must follow Shepherd and attempt to stab him while dazed, do not go near him while he lays against the car. He will say one sentence at a time, slowly, and his final sentence will be "But you were never willing to do what must be done" or something similar. Note: If you get too close to Shepherd, he will knock you against the car. If you are too far away, he will cut the speech short.
# Hidden Juggernaut message

Play a level where a Juggernaut can be found in Spec Ops mode. After killing a Juggernaut, look at his crotch area to see the message "Get sum!". Alternately, have yourself or a partner walk up to him, and enter last stand mode (bleed out). Then, look at his crotch area.
# Hidden face on sniper lens cover

In Multiplayer mode, hold any sniper rifle with its primary scope. Start running in any direction, as long as the sunlight shines on the back of it, to see a green frowning face with its tongue sticking out, like the one you can receive in your accolades.
# Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare reference and 8-bit Captain Price in "Bailout" map ("Stimulus Package" DLC)

Start a Private match, and find the indoor arcade with the tilted televisions and staircase. Locate the bathrooms across from the vending machines, and look off to the right. You will see an arcade game labeled "Modern Warfare" (a reference to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare). Look at the bottom of the machine to see an 8-bit version of Captain Price that is styled the same way as Mario (from Super Mario Bros.). The differences include Captain Price's distinguished muttonchops, hat, and clothes.
# X-Men: Last Stand reference

The "I'm the Juggernaut..." achievement is a reference to the X-Men: Last Stand movie, where the Juggernaut is trapped in the floor and yells "I'm the Juggernaut!".
# Various game references

On the Estate map, go inside the estate (the largest house in the center of the area). Use a sniper rifle, and look on the rack under the LCD television in the main hall. There is a Gamestation 5 console (reference to the PlayStation) with games named "Italian Plumber Princess Rescue" (a reference to the Mario games) and "Deer Hunter 17" (a reference to the large quantity of Deer Hunter games). Go to the basement using the stairs in the kitchen. Look at the posters on the wall around the pool table. There is one with the name "Massey Effect" (a reference to Mass Effect), and in the same poster, there is a description "Chaos Theory was just the beginning" (a reference to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, which is the story considered to be the beginning of the subsequent Splinter Cell games' stories).
# Easy "Colonel Sanderson" achievement

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Modern Warfare 2 Achievements Part II
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